A brand new service is now available

A brand new secondary service is now available including UK / USA / Adults / VOD and TV shows
Supported devices are Formuler / TVIP / STB Emulator / Android / PC
We will heavily subsidy prices for this service . If you are already our client you can add this service for the following prices :
3 Months : 10e
6 Months : 18e
In order to get these prices you must be a customer to our main service . Clients can use main service on  one device and the secondary service on another device at the same time
Clients who are up for a renewal of the main service can renew and get the secondary service together :
1 Month Main service  + 1 Month Secondary service : 15e
3 Months Main service + 3 Months Secondary service : 35e
6 Months Main service + 6 Months Secondary service : 60e
Why would i need this service if i already got the main one ?
  • You can use the secondary service on your second tv/device simultaneously with your main one . Also you can use this service as a back up
What are the channels included in this service ?
  • Channel list include Full UK / Canadian / USA / Bein / Adults channels . VOD and TV shows also available and are updated daily
Can i use my Magbox for this service ?
  • Infomir just lost some codecs licensing which means certain movies on demand will not have sound . We do not suggest this service if you have magbox unless you are looking for live tv or just to have a back up of the main service