Q : What is the best device to watch IPTV ?

A : We recommend a proper Set Top Box like Formuler Z8 to watch IPTV , all other devices/apps are from 3rd party developers

Q : If i buy a subscription , will i have buffering ?

A : IPTV is a very personal thing , what works for me may not work for you or vice versa . We do recommend you to try 1 month first . Buffering depends on your Internet connection / device used . It does not matter if you have 50/100 or 500 mbps speed, if your ISP has problem connecting to our servers there will be buffering during peak times .

Q : If i buy a subscription for Magbox / Formuler , can i use other device while my box is off ?

A : Subscription bought for  Set Top boxes such as Magbox / Formuler will be locked to that device

Q : If i buy an m3u link , can i use other devices ?

A : Yes , as long as only 1 device is on , however we do recommend a Magbox to watch live tv

Q : What happens if i use more than 1 device at the same time ?

A : Your subscription will be blocked and will remain blocked

Q : I have an active subscription but SIPTV app on my Smart TV saying check URL connection?

A : Siptv APP may delete your current playlist from time to time . If this happens you need to reset and upload link again. Any problems should be reported to the developer . We do recommend to use Smart STB Emulator on your smart tv ,website :

Q : Can i use VPN to watch IPTV ?

A : Yes

Q : Can my ISP blocked my service ?

A : In short YES , if this happens then you will have to use VPN . VPN is very easy to install on PC / SmartPhone ect, however if you have a set top box like Formuler or Magbox you will need a smaill VPN router ( available cheap from Amazon ) .

Q : Why do you not offer any tests like the other providers ?

A : We dont offer any tests as most clients who apply do not even try to watch however we do offer a discount for the first month ( 7 euro )

Q: Can i ask for a refund ?

A : No refunds are given when purchasing IPTV . We take disputes very seriously, if a dispute is open, we will foward your paypal address to all other providers .

Q: What type of payment do you accept ?

A: We accept Paypal