Our secondary service :


This service only includes UK channels + UK sports channels . Great VOD and Tv shows available and are updated daily


Kindly note that this service will not work on Magboxes

Secondary Service

  • There are no refunds on IPTV purchases

    UK clients are advised to have VPN installed incase the ISP block service during games or big events . If you cannot install the vpn app , you can purchase a VPN router ( available on amazon ) . There will be no refunds incase your ISP block service

  • To enjoy the best experience and enjoy the full line up we offer, we recommend to use devices that uses portal address and not m3u links such as

    • Formuler Box
    • TV IP Box
    • STB Emulator app available on  firestick - Android - Smart tv

    Clients that uses m3u links may not enjoy our full line up.