MAGBOX ( Formuler Z similar set up  ) :

  • Unplug the ethernet cable ( or switch off wifi ) - then switch on the box

  • Page loading error will pop up on your tv

  • Go to Settings

  • Go to Servers

  • Go to Portals

  • Select URL 1 or URL 2 and press the KB button from your remote . We will give you an address to write here when you purchase a sub

  • Once you are done with the address , press again the KB button to remove the keyboard from your TV . Press Save

  • Reboot device


  • Download VLC Player , click on Media , click on Open Network Streams

  • Copy and Paste the m3u link given via email

  • To change channels press CONTROL + L

SMART TV / FIRESTICK ( - compatibe )

We STRONGLY recommend to use STB Emulator over Siptv app :


  • Download the app from your store

  • Go to settings and change your current mac address to Virtual one : It should be 00:1A:79 ect

  • When buying a subscription we need that mac address

  • To install our portal , go to settings , servers , portal url : Portal address will be given once you subscibe

  • This App is not free but there is one week free to try


  • Download Smart Iptv app on your device . If this is your first time you have to pay the developer a small fee

  • Open the Smart Iptv app and write down your mac address

  • To upload the m3u link - go to

  • Go to My List , enter your mac address in the " Delete Playlist " and reset

  • Once you have reset your playlist go to " Add External Playlist Links ", enter your mac address + m3u link, choose UK and press Add link

  • Reset app and your tv channels should be working

SIPTV APP may delete your playlist from time to time . If this happens you need to reset and upload your link again . Developer know about this problem but will not fix the issue . So please do not email us that link is not working . Any problems contact the developer first .

ANDROID :  GSE APP or IPTV SMARTERS PRO ( install both for back up purposes )

  • Download GSE app from Google Play

  • Go to Remote Playlist and copy the whole m3u link

  • We always recommend to have a back up app in case GSE App goes down

  • Download IPTV Smarter PRO ( search in google - iptv smarters pro.apk )

  • Add new profile

  • URL / User / Pass will be given once you subscibe




  • Download  a software called ‘ PUTTY ‘

  • Open Putty – write down your IP address , choose Telnet and press Open

  • Usually User is Root and password is blank –you must know the user/pass

  • Copy and Paste the m3u link . Press Enter .  Restart your box

  • This will be one long list . If you do not know how to install do not buy as no further instructions will be given


  • Both GSE app and IP Television works well on ios devices